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Internal Comms Awareness Day Calendar: H2 2022

With the second half of 2022 round the corner, Canopact has compiled a calendar of awareness days for H2! This isn’t an exhaustive list but will hopefully provide some inspiration for your planning of internal comms and events for the next six months.

Top 5 Internal Communications Apps for Slack

Slack has over 2,400 apps in its App Directory, but which are the best ones for internal communications? Here are some of the apps that could help you bring effective employee comms to where your audience is!

How to use Slack Analytics for Internal Communications

Evaluating the success of internal comms through engagement data is fundamental towards ensuring business objectives are achieved. In this article, we discuss why this is important, how you can use the analytics provided by Slack to measure engagement on internal comms and cover some of the limitations.

Bring Internal Comms to your Audience

The average employee wastes 4 hours per week on poor or confusing digital communications. Although the temptation is to add more digital tools to solve this, 52% of workers already use 4 or more tools each day. Here's how you can simplify and streamline digital communications for your existing channels and become more audience-led on your internal comms.

Bitesize Insights: Q1 '22

Bitesize Insights covers things we've been hearing and learning about over the past quarter from a range of Internal Comms topics. Perfect for reading on a commute or when you're having your morning coffee.

What Is a Comms Campaign Decision Tree?

Have you ever drafted an internal communications piece and wondered whether it should be part of a broader comms campaign? If you have, you’re not alone. If you haven’t, this framework may still be helpful for your decision-making process going forward.

Accelerating Employee Advocacy through Internal Comms

Employee advocacy is constrained by the bottleneck which exists today between Internal and External Communications. For 31% of employees, their biggest obstacle to sharing more company content on social media is that they don’t know what to share, don’t have time or don’t want to share content that sounds like it’s from a company robot.