Top 5 Internal Communications Apps for Slack

Slack is one of the world’s favourite tools for communication and collaboration, with over 10 million daily active users. What some people don’t know is that Slack sits at the centre of a large ecosystem and has over 2,400 apps in its App Directory 📖

For employees who use Slack, it tends to be a preferred channel for communications; companies are becoming increasingly audience centric with their approach to internal communications and want to send company updates and important announcements to the channels where employees are most engaged. In no particular order, below are the top 5 Slack internal communications apps for companies who use Slack 👇

1.      Polly 🗳️

As the name suggests, Polly is an app which allows users to send polls on Slack and capture feedback in real time. They’ve built templates specifically for internal communications use cases, and polls can be sent via direct message or in a channel of your choice. Polly is particularly helpful to capture employee sentiment on a particular topic and provides qualitative data to augment other people metrics. They have a free version, but this only includes up to 25 monthly responses, so is aimed at small teams who only need use Polly occasionally. The Pro subscription is good value at $19 per sender per month (up to 1,000 monthly responses), especially if you only need to have a few senders, but there is a minimum 6-month subscription.

2.      Kiara 🌍

Kiara is a Slack bot which can translate Slack messages into 100 languages. It’s perfect for global teams with different native languages, and you can easily add more languages as needed. Last year, Kiara was featured by Slack as a Brilliant Bot, and their customers include MIT. They have a tiered pricing structure based on the number of users; if you have more than 66 users, they have custom pricing, so you’ll need to contact their team. Although most companies have a de facto working language, we think that Kiara plays an important role for remote first companies who want to remain inclusive to all their employees.

Credit: Kiara

3.      Kipwise 🧐

Kipwise provides a team wiki similar to Notion and Confluence, but what we really like is the strength of their Slack integration. You can save important insights and ideas from a Slack conversation by creating a Kipwise page and adding content to this page without leaving Slack. Kipwise’s Slack search command allows you to search for content across Kipwise or Google Docs within Slack, creating a more synchronized company knowledge base. Pricing starts at $5 per month per user (for a monthly rolling contract). This includes most core features, but to get single sign-on (SSO), you’ll need to upgrade to the next tier ($9 per month per user).

Credit: Kipwise

4.      Weekly Wins 🙌

Weekly Wins celebrates your team’s successes by collating the achievements submitted by employees over the course of the week. These can then be reviewed prior to being posted in a Slack channel. We like that it helps employees know what’s going on in other departments and contributes towards a positive working culture. Pricing is $1per user per month, and this includes all users on the Slack channel specified to post the weekly wins.  

5.      Canopact 💬

Canopact helps you create, coordinate and analyse the success of your internal comms, all from your Slack workspace. You can build visually engaging, interactive Slack posts (e.g., customisable images/ GIFs, clickable buttons) which consolidate your company updates and allow you to embed longer form content, saving time for employees to find and engage with longer form content. Canopact also aims to reduce the time spent coordinating internal comms: instead of reminding your colleagues (e.g., leadership team) to post on Slack at the agreed time, you can schedule a post on their behalf, pending their approval. The analytics provided by Canopact enable you to track more meaningful engagement data (e.g., average reading time) and filter the data in different ways. Pricing is $99 per month, and this allows for an unlimited number of Canopact users and unlimited members in your Slack workspace. There’s no minimum commitment period, and you can try Canopact as part of a 30-day free trial.

Credit: Canopact

We know you’ll want to browse some different options before deciding which apps are best for your company. To save you some time, here are all the internal communications apps listed in the Slack App Directory.

We hope you found this helpful - if you have any questions, comments or there are other internal comms apps on Slack you love, get in touch with us!

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